Permission synchronization VSTS

We’d like to know if there is any possibility to sync Groups with VSTS and access permissions for projects.
Currently it looks like we have to manually “mimic” the permissions we have on projects/repos, which is really a burden.

Ideal situation:

  • Force people to use VSTS as login method to SonarCloud for our Organization
  • Permissions are synchronized from VSTS, if a user is member of a group/team in VSTS that has access to the code, the user also has access to the SonarCloud Project. If not, the user does NOT have access by default. Also, this should be in-sync with VSTS.

Would help us a lot managing this as we start adding projects now.


Hi Michel,

this is something we’ll be working on in the upcoming months as part of our “User and Team Onboarding” effort. So stay tuned, this will come!

And thanks for sharing this feedback :slight_smile:

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