Easily see which group has access to which projects?

We use SonarCloud and have 183 projects and 53 groups. I wonder if there is a way that we can easily see which group gives which type of access to projects without having to click through each project.

What we see is that people have left our organization, we then remove their membership from our SonarCloud organization, eventually leaving groups to be empty. Now we are trying to find a way to understand if we can remove the group.

Also from a security perspective, we need to be able to quickly identify whom has access to which projects. So an overview of groups give what type of access to which projects would be greatly appreciated. Preferably in the webapi part, although I think it could be useful in the UI as well.

Going through the web apis I was not able to find this information (?)

Hey there.

Is the condition for removing a group that it’s empty, or that this group no longer has access to any projects?

There are Internal Web APIs which list out the permissions by project (don’t ask me why they are internal :confused:) which you can discover by reverse-engineering the Web API while browsing project-level permissions.

And, since you’ve clearly expressed a need, I’ll go ahead and move this to the Product Manager for a Day category.