SonarCloud GitLab does not see groups with Personal Access Token

I have created an account on Gitlab. In this gitlab account, I have created several groups.

I have created an organisation on SonarCloud which is associated to this Gitlab account. I have specified a Personal access token to allow SonarCloud to see my projects.

On the SonarCloud page which allows us to chose a project to analyze, I only can see projects which has been created in my User Account namespace and all projects in groups are NOT displayed.

I don’t understand why because Personnal access token allows SonarCloud to see all my projects but also all my groups and their contents.

Thanks for your help.


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To be clear, you’re not seeing projects created in the groups in your organization?

And - to ask the dumb question - you have access in Gitlab to those groups and their projects?



Yes, all projects which are inside groups are not visible in SonarCloud. When I want analyze project, projects which are proposed are only projects which are directly in my gitlab username namespace.

And yes, I am the owner of the Gitlab account and I have access to all projects.


Thanks for clarifying. This is something that needs developer eyes. I’ve flagged it for the team.



Thanks, I wait for your return.

Hi @Callimard

As per documentation:

  • Each SonarCloud organization corresponds one-to-one with a GitLab group.

It looks like you imported your personal group as a SonarCloud organization, hence you can see only the projects from your account namespace. To see projects from other groups, you need to additionally import those groups as SonarCloud organizations.

Does it answer your question?

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Thank you for you reply. Yes it answer to my question. Hence I am obligated to pay gitlab because to group access token is not enabled in free gitlab.