Gitlab Organization Projects Visibility

I use Gitlab CI for automation. When I use my Sonar Cloud administration account I can’t see all organization projects, but only my Gitlab project where I am a maintainer in Gitlab.
How can I see all organization projects?

Hello @vladimir_petukhov,

Could you clarify if I got the following things right:

  • You can already see all projects in your GitLab account that are under your personal account
  • The projects that you are not able to see are under a specific group that is not your personal account

If that is the case, then you need to bind the other groups in your GitLab account to a SonarCloud organization (this is a 1:1 binding). For that, create a new organization on SonarCloud side (plus button on the top right) and follow the guide to connect this to your GitLab group. Now you should be able to select all repositories from that group as well.