Project exceeded the maximum memory available for Automatic Analysis


We are experiencing a problem with Automatic Analysis in Sonar Cloud for our Java-written application in the repository.There is 374 branches in our repository. Can someone help identify the issue? If we should increase memory size, how can i do that?

Analysis status Error

Last analysis failed Analysis ID “”

Your analysis with ID “” has failed: the analysis of your project exceeded the maximum memory available for Automatic Analysis.

Hey there.

Can you provide the Analysis ID? This isn’t considered private data (it’s only meaningful to our backend engineers who can look up the analysis).

Analysis ID “AYwgE-IqffDquLUzYt1e”

Hi @Vahan_Movsisyan

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Based on our logs, there was an out of memery error. This means that your project is too big for Automatic analysis.

If you look at the SonarCloud documentation (last section), it is recommended to move to CI-based analysis for large Java projects. You can find more information here.


Thank you @ismail.cherri . We’re in the process of configuring it already.

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