Your analysis has failed - maximum memory

I am new to the subject and would like to analyze a project of ours. We have 2M rows free, but when analyzing the project I get the error message “Your analysis with ID “AXwm3yCuFp_vg-HeDpPq” has failed: the analysis of your project exceeded the maximum memory available for Automatic Analysis.”. Is it due to too few characters or did the analysis fail for some other reason? Elsewhere I had read about the analysis being too complex. What does that mean exactly? Unfortunately, I lack further information on what I can do to make the analysis error-free.

Please let me know briefly what I can do so that the project can be analyzed. Thank you very much.


If you are getting this kind of error the using our Automatic Analysis feature it’s most probably that your project is too big to be analyzed by our system. So you should use a different CI to run the analysis.

You can find the information about this in our troubleshooting page in the documentation.