Your analysis with ID "005e9d8a-15fe-46a2-8f4d-a4c706e4d732" has failed:

I tried to analysize my repo through sonar cloud but Im getting this error
Your analysis with ID “005e9d8a-15fe-46a2-8f4d-a4c706e4d732” has failed: the analysis of your project exceeded the maximum memory available for Automatic Analysis. See troubleshooting documentation

Please help

As the message says, our Automatic Analysis feature doesn’t have enough memory to analyze your project. This may mean that this feature is not a good fit for you, and we recommend you to try using a CI tool to run the analysis (see the further links in the linked documentation page).

Alternatively, you can disable rules from the rule repository named “Security SonarAnalyzer”, that should reduce the memory used. In the logs I see that it is this analyzer that ran out of memory during the scan.

Thank you Janos for reply . There are many CI tools . Can you suggest any particular CI tool to test my application . Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure! Since your code seems to be on GitHub, then GitHub Actions could be a good option.