Last analysis failed Analysis ID "AYVZsYYTf4C7KiZs6Lwq" - exceeded the maximum memory

  • ALM used - GitHub
  • Languages of the repository - JS / TS
  • Error observed
    Last analysis failed
    Analysis ID "AYVZsYYTf4C7KiZs6Lwq"
    Your analysis with ID "AYVZsYYTf4C7KiZs6Lwq" has failed: the analysis of your project exceeded 
    the maximum memory available for Automatic Analysis.
  • Steps to reproduce
    It is a standard SonarCloud Integration for code scanning with the repository. We have other repositories and this error will not happen to others, and only happen for this repository. I saw some similar threads, where people identified big files in repo and excluded them for things to work again, however in this repo, the total size is 22MB, no big files.

Hey @neerajhiretual,

I reached out to you in a private message.