Plugin version matrix only for Versions from the latest LTS

was there a change in handling the plugin version matrix? iirc there were many more columns than “the latest LTS plus all minor updates since then”

please dont remove (censor * cough * :smiling_imp: ) this information :pray: (maybe put it aside to let it rot, but do not disintegrate it)

ty for consideration

P.S.: It is also a bit … weird? :person_shrugging: … to be able to look at docs for 8.9 and find the matrix starting at 9.9 LTS :thinking:


Yes, we cleaned out the Marketplace and Plugin Version Matrix recently. What got cleaned out was everything below the current LTS.

When we release a new LTS, everything older is immediately unsupported, but we allow a “soft deprecation” period 6 months for people to transition.

After that 6 months, support for older versions is really over - including Marketplace support. What’s supposed to happen at that 6-month mark is that we clean out the Marketplace like just happened. The reality is that doesn’t always happen in a timely manner.

But let’s go back to the underlying “why” here: Once we release a new LTS, it’s best for everyone - you and us - if you upgrade to or beyond it.

So it doesn’t make sense for us to facilitate your installation / upgrade of plugins into these old versions. If you want new / better functionality, take the upgrade. You’ll find all the plugins once you get there. :smiley:

That’s what commit history is for.

Are you suggesting we drop the docs too? :smiling_imp:


Hi Ann,

i think i support/understand the underlying reasons you mention!

wait a moment … :thinking: … i got smthing! :tada: Plugin-Version-Matrix 8.9 - 10.4 \o/

Nonetheless it is removing information which (i presume) is important for people that [will not | can not | do not | are not able to] upgrade to the latest LTS.

Maybe you can find a place for this not harmful but useful to some info instead of voiding it? Hmmm … if “you” won’t bulge, at least we got smth starting from 8.9 now preserved :person_shrugging:

(also it wasnt me that took that snapshot! I do not have a telephone booth capable doin’ that. :metal: Wyld Stallyns :metal:)

P.S.: Is there a forumbadge for emoji-adhd? :partying_face:

P.P.S: I just spotted the mention of commit history. That is a really nice suggestion! Maybe someone could start adding tags there that correspond to SQ releases? Would probably make it a lot easier to find the version that one needs? Just a thought.

P.P.P.S: Just edited out the part about wayback-snapshot containing 10.4 … i was looking at the wronk page :confused: