Plugin compatibility matrix missing for SonarQube 6.5

Dear community,

While going through the official documentation page of SonarQube, I found out that the documentation of 6.5 is not present there. Specifically, I need just the plugin compatibility matrix for SonarQube 6.5, which shows what all plugins are supported by a particular version of SonarQube.
Specifically, I need to know if SonarQube 6.5 has support for SonarTS 2.1 or not.

Please help with the same as a critical project is dependent on that.


Hi again Sid,

Welcome to the community!

As I mentioned in your other post (which I saw first) 6.5 is waaay past EOL. Among other things, that means that it no longer appears in the Plugin Version Matrix, which is actually a dynamic doc, even in archived versions of the documentation. So even if I dug up the link to the 6.5 docs for you, it would contain the same Plugin Version Matrix you’re seeing in the current docs.

As I said in your other thread, you really, really need to upgrade.


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