Personal organizations are now standard organizations

Hi dear SonarCloud community,

since the beginning of SonarCloud, we had implemented the concept of personal organization: an organization automatically created upon sign up, linked to the related user, which could not be deleted and which had some specific behaviour (in terms of permissions most notably). We observed that this particular type of organization was most of the time not used (~ 4 out of 5), and when not empty it was mistakenly often used for company needs (which was not the purpose).

Starting today, there is no more the concept of personal organization. #LessIsMore!
When users sign up, no personal organization is created. If they want to analyze repos of their personal (GitHub or Bitbucket) organization, the related organization will be created in SonarCloud when they set up their first repository from the Web UI.
To clean the system, we also have cleared all the empty personal organizations.

Everything is up-to-date on the documentation. May you have any questions related to this change, feel free to come ask here!