I can't create an organization in sonar cloud

Good morning.
We use azure devops. I’m trying to create the organization so we can make a POC with the possibility of subscribing to the sonarcloud service.
When I tried to create it, it said that the organization was already linked to sonarcloud.
I contacted support and discovered that the organization had been created by an employee who is no longer with the company and we no longer have access to the account that was used for this.
This way, we cannot unlink it, and any step mentioned in the documentation is not possible to be executed as we do not have access to the organization via sonar cloud.

I thank you for your help.

Hi Marion, welcome to the community!

I can proceed with the deletion of the existing SonarCloud organization. That will allow you to reimport the organization from AzureDevops. Can you confirm we can proceed with the deletion? Someone will reach out to you to get the organization’s details and validate that you are authorized to request the deletion of the org.