Azure DevOps organization tied to former I.T. company

We are trying to create a SonarCloud organization, but are receiving the following error:

This Azure DevOps organization is already bound to the following SonarCloud organization

It appears that our former I.T. team, prior to our company’s acquisition, had set up a trial of SonarCloud using our Azure DevOps organization. We are attempting to resume our integration post-acquisition – while Azure DevOps control has been transferred to the new company, the user who setup the integration did not come over, and so we cannot yet continue the integration.

We are looking for help to reset our Azure DevOps organization to be used with SonarCloud.

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Hello @JoeG , could you please try again to create your organization and bound it to Azure? We removed the emdat organization so you can use that name as well. Let us know when done, please!

Yes, that worked! Thanks so much!

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