"overall code" page issues always redirecting to main branch

  • which versions are you using:

SonarQube 10.4.1 Developer Edition (docker)

  • what are you trying to achieve

Analyzing git project having a /main branch (considered MAIN_BRANCH) and several independent /product/* branches

  • Issue we face

For a given project projectid, on overview page of /product/a branch, on “Overall Code” tab, several findings are categorized.
Link: <sonarqube_url>/dashboard?branch=product/a&id=projectid

Clicking on one category for example will redirect to the corresponding findings in the “MAIN_BRANCH”.
Link: <sonarqube_url>/project/issues?issueStatuses=OPEN%2CCONFIRMED&impactSoftwareQualities=RELIABILITY&impactSeverities=MEDIUM&id=projectid

As you can see, link does not contain anymore the branch=product/a parameter.

Manually adding the branch parameter will properly redirect to the findings in the context of the branch:
Link: sonarqube_url>/project/issues?issueStatuses=OPEN%2CCONFIRMED&impactSoftwareQualities=RELIABILITY&impactSeverities=MEDIUM&id=projectid&branch=product/a

Even worse, in case SQ project MAIN_BRANCH does not have yet an analysis, link will redirect to an empty list of findings.

Is it an expected behavior?

Hey there.

Thanks for the report.

This bug (SONAR-21600) was fixed in SonarQube v10.5. Time to upgrade!

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Damn it, just upgraded to 10.4 last week ^^

Thanks for the answer, and my bad i did not fully check the 10.5 changelog :face_with_peeking_eye:

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