SonarQube replaces the data in main branch

Hello Team,

I am using SonarQube Enterprise 8.3 version and Azure Deops ALM to execute the analysis.
I executed analysis on 4 branches for a particular project. While doing so I found that 1 of the branch result was not showing in SonarQube, after analysis I found that the result was over-written to the main branch.

I ran analysis on QA. But the result was stored in PROD branch.

I want to avoid happening this in future, can anyone suggest how can I control this? is this a bug? how do I resolve this?


Hi Abhishek,

What were your analysis parameters for the branch that overwrote Main?


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Thanks for the reply ann,

I was able to resolve it, it was basically overritting the main branch from the GIT default branch.
Whatever branch we set as a default in GIT, that will be considered as main branch on sonarqube.

I just changed the default branch in git, and rerun the analysis, the issue is resolved.


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