Notifications for e.g. "my new issues" are not working properly - config?


I’m not able to setup the notifications for e.g. “my new issues”.
I have testet the notification with issue type: Methods should not be empty (java:S1186) Code smell/critical
The code scan is done by the Sonarqube Scanner 4.2.01873 within a jenkins job. After the sonarqube background task was finished, no email was sent to me.

The test email from the sonarqube setup works fine, and sometimes I get other emails like:“myProject: 3 new issues (new debt: 18min)”
These issues are code smells also.

SonarQube Version

I have no idea what’s wrong with my setup.
Can anybody give me some hints.

Thnx Ludwig

Hi Ludwig,

This may be about your user account vs the blame data. Unless your SCM account name (what’s pulled up in the blame data) explicitly appears in your SonarQube user account, then the issue may have been assigned to an “unknown” user.

Hoping this makes sense,

Hi Ann,

the svn blame data contains my email address - it’s the same email address which is used by the sonarqube server as a default scm account.

But just for my understanding:

  • our jenkins job checks out the whole project
  • the jenkins Sonarqube Scanner analyse the project and transmitts the results to the sonarqube server.
    So this Scanner is responsible to get the svn blame data also - right?
    We do not need to setup the svn within the sonarqube server?

thnx Ludwig

Hi Ludwig,

Yes. And you shouldn’t* need to do a lot extra to make that work. It should be able to work from the files already present in the workspace.

So then back to the missing notifications, can you double-check:

  • there are no background task issues with the analyses that should have sent notifications but apparently didn’t
  • that your mail server isn’t receiving the notifications



* Every once in a while someone needs to jump through some additional hoops for SVN auth