Not able to convert an existing project to a monorepo or add new for Azure DevOps Repo

We are trying to configure our Azure DevOps project as monorepo in SonarCloud. But when we check using admin account, we do not see our already configured organization listed under dropdown. Also from exiting standard project, we do not see any way to add more project keys. What are we missing?

We have a monorepo in Azure DevOps using .net core and angular technologies.

Any help to understand how to configure monorepo in SonarCloud will be appreciated.

Hello @Sharvareep ,

Could you clarify in more detail which dropdown you are talking about? In addition, could you send us the organization key and username of the admin? Please feel free to open a private message if you don’t want to share this publicly.

You can find the documentation on the topic here. This only works if your existing project is bound and not a manual one. Please let me know if you need more details.

Hello @Martin_Bednorz,

Thanks for your reply!

The documentation says that we can configure it using ’ Analyze new project’ page. However on this page we do not see our organization listed. This view is same for person with admin rights.

I’m not the administrator of the organization to share this information. Let me get in touch with our admin team.

Can you please explain what do your mean by ‘existing project is bound and not a manual one’?

Hello @Sharvareep ,

We have looked into this, and sorry for the late reply.

The reason why your organization is not in the dropdown is because it is not bound to Azure DevOps. You can find the option to set up the binding in the organization settings:


This is something that can only be done by an organization administrator.

You can find more information on this topic in our documentation: .

Hello @Martin_Bednorz,

Sorry I couldn’t reply before as we were having holidays.

My issue resolved after binding our project to Azure DevOps by following link shared by you. Now we could see our organization listed in the dropdown and I could configure monorepo settings for repo in Azure DevOps.

Thank you very much for your time and support!

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