Project creation fails for a new monorepo project

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  • ALM used: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository: C#

When i try to create a new monorepo project by clicking on the ‘create project’ button, a post request is submitted to :

The request has statuscode 200, but nothing seems to happen and no project is created

Hey there.

I can’t reproduce this.

Can you check to see if the projects exist under your organization-level Administration > Projects Management?

If yes, this could point to an issue with the default permission template for new projects.

The project does not exist under Administration>Projects>Management

I managed to create the project by only changing the name of the project and leave the prefilled key as it is during creation.
Now i can change the key to what i wanted it to be.
When i try to apply a permissions template i can not choose the one i expected to be associated with the key.
When i go to administration > permission templates the regex for the key seems te be correct.

What is the reason not all permission templates can be selected when i want to apply one after creation ?

Are you logged into an account that has access to multiple organizations?

I can’t reproduce any of the issues you’re describing, but I could understand getting mixed up if you’re switching between organizations.

We have only 1 organization.
I see all templates now when I click ‘apply permission template’ perhaps i did not look properly before.
This leaves only the question why I can not use the key with the same format that we use with other projects related to a certain application.
When i use the suggested prefilled key the creation succeeds but then i have to manually add permissions or apply a permissions template.
When i use a key that matches regex


Then the creation of the project fails

Ah, I think I understand what’s going on. You probably have multiple permission templates that match the project key, which is an error condition that SonarCloud isn’t handling well when creating a mono repo (I’ll flag this for attention). Do you have other custom permission templates where a regex is specified?

I checked the regexes and there are indeed two that match the key i tried to use.
I will check with the teams if we can change 1 of the regexes