Permission Templates can't be used with custom Project Key


I have the group “BACKEND” that represents permission for backend teams with full permissions on their sonar projects.

All of their projectsproject key preffix - “backend:”.

I created the template with regexp for project key - “backend.*” and specified required permissions for “BACKEND” group.

During configuration of a new project from Github organization I select a required project and it’s created in SonarCloud BUT it’s always created with default key - _. This key doesn’t match with my key pattern from my custom permission template. As a result a new project is created with permission from ‘Default Template’.

What doesn’t work:

  • Updating key on a newly created project doesn’t have affect.
  • Putting in the root folder with value: sonar.projectKey=backend:test-sonarqube-repo doesn’t have affect as well.
  • ‘Analyze new project’ wizard doesn’t support to specify a custom project key to override default one.

Is it possible to use ‘Permission Templates’ with custom ‘Project Key’?

As a suggestion it would be great to have for example a new property: sonar.projectKeyPreffix that you can specify in ‘Analyze new project’ wizard or put in as a static value.
It would be very helpful especially for projects where ‘Project Key’ is defined dynamically, like in all our java based projects: property("sonar.projectKey", "${}:${}").