Link Azure DevOps Monorepo to existing SonarCloud projects

I have manually setup some projects in SonarCloud manually, and marked them as part of a Monorepo. Now when i go to Analyze a new Project, I get the option to setup a Monorepo from Azure DevOps. I don’t think that was available a few weeks ago.

When I select my Azure DevOps repo, it tells me that the repository has ‘no imported projects in SonarCloud’.

Is there a way to link my existing SonarCloud projects to my Azure DevOps repo? Or do I need to delete & recreate them to get them linked?

Hi @glenmacdonald

Yes this is a new feature that we will communicate soon about.

You cannot convert your project to a bound project, this is a limitation on our side. However, you can bind your organization to your Azure DevOps one, and start creating new project that will be linked to your repositories.


Thanks @mickaelcaro - gues i’ll recreate them.

I’m also getting an error when i try to setup the monorepo. I select the repository, enter project details and click ‘Setup monorepo’, an error pops up at the top of the screen ‘An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.’

Should the monorepo be working now, or should i wait until you announce it?

It should be working.

Do you have the possibility to check with the dev console which API call fails or which error do you have please ?


See screenshot. The 404s happened when i was typing in the project key, the 500 happened when i clicked 'Setup monorepo

Hi @glenmacdonald,

Thanks for reporting this to us! We identified the bug and are working on a fix.
I’m closing this thread since it was reported here as well.

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