"An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later." when adding new project to a monorepo

We are using a paid subscription of SonarCloud and we use it with our Azure DevOps.

We follow the instruction here to convert a standard project to a monorepo project and add new projects to the monorepo project. We have 1 project added (linked from Azure DevOps’ repository).

Now, when we try to add new projects to this monorepo, we always encounter the error “An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.”. I can confirm that Enable support for monorepo settings is enabled in the project.
Here is what we are doing: Analyze new project > Setup a monorepo > Choose the same repository > Add a new project with a different key (all displayed validators are green) > Save configuration.

I know this is very vague and I tried to look for more documentation on this but wasn’t very lucky. Any helps or leads would be very helpful. Thank you.

Did you find a workaround, i didn’t find this before creating the following

Hi @Steve_Hammond and @lamle,

Thanks for notifying us on this bug. We’ve identified the cause and are currently working on a fix. I’ll post an update in this thread once it is fixed.


Hi @Steve_Hammond, @lamle and @glenmacdonald

This should now be fixed, could you try again and confirm?

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Hi @TomVanBraband, it seems that the issue is fixed. I was able to add new projects to the monorepo.
Thank you and the team very much!

Hi @TomVanBraband, I’m now getting a 401 error, which pushes me back to the login page (https://sonarcloud.io/sessions/new?return_to=%2Fprojects%2Fcreate). When i login again it has lost the info that i entered.


@TomVanBraband confirmed working - thanks