How to convert existing sonarcloud project as mono repo?

We initially using mutli repo approach and all of our sonarcloud projects are linked to a github project.

Right now, we are moving to a mono repo approach. Is there a way for us to convert our existing sonarcloud projects as a ‘sub-project’ or link it to a new mono repo project?

What I noticed is when creating a mono repo project, I can only add new project ( or sub project as you will ) but I dont see any ability to associate existing project. The problem with this is it is forcing us to use new key and also new gates, history are all gone.

Hello @kenchin123,

Unfortunately it is currently not possible to associate another existing project with your mono repository. As you said in your message, after creating the mono repo you can add new ones.

Could you provide more details on the new Quality Gates? They should be organization-wide (and thus already available for all your new projects) and you can select them in the project settings.


thanks @Martin_Bednorz . I found a workaround where i have to delete existing project and recreate with same key. I just have to reassociate the gate to the right project and re-trigger all builds