No filter names in left bar

  • version used: SonarQube 7.2.1 (build 14109)
  • steps to reproduce: download the SonarQube, build project with Maven
  • error observed: there are no filter names on the left bar


Thanks for taking the trouble to make a report. Unfortunately, I can’t tell what you think is wrong. I don’t see anything wrong in your screenshot.


Why are there zeroes everywhere?
What A-E categories mean?
I remember from 7.0 that there were nice descriptive filters like critical, minor and such categories for every bug…

ok, the view I mean shows when I click the project itself.
But I have still no idea what this is supposed to mean and what is it for.
Could you kindly explain it for me?


It seems that what you’re remembering is the Issues page, which hasn’t changed from 7.0. It should still look just like you remember. :slight_smile:

What you’re looking at is the Projects page (which also hasn’t changed since 7.0), i.e. a page that shows all the projects and allows you to filter them by one or more criteria chosen from the left. The 0s show you that there are no projects that match your current criteria selections. The meanings of the letters are described in the Metric Definitions