Filtering projects with names containing two or more underscores

Hi All,
On Sonarqube (Enterprise Edition Version 9.9.1 or Community Edition Version 8.9.8) I have a problem to filter projects by name containing more than 1 underscore.
Having projects names like [‘TEST_A_A’, ‘TEST_A_B’, ‘TEST_B_A’], in the projects page on the webui I can filter them with ‘TEST_A’ to only see [‘TEST_A_A’, ‘TEST_A_B’], but entering ‘TEST_A_A’ change nothing and the two projects are showed.
The same problem applies on the API (“/api/components/search?q=TEST_A_A”). Is there an escape sequence to use for that?


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I’ve just tested this in 10.2 and was unable to recreate it. Can you upgrade?


Hi, it’s not possible to upgrade


I don’t think we’ll be patching 9.9 for this. It’s not “critical”.