I finally released version 1.2 of the SCM Jazz RTC plugin.
It brings compatibility with SonarQube version >= 7.7

Could you please review the pull request I created and tell me if I need to change anything?

Thank you very much!

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Marketplace updated. Welcome back!


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Is it normal it’s still version 1.1 that is visible here: http://www.sonarplugins.com/scmjazzrtc ?

No clue. You would have to ask the maintainers of that site.


Hi Troosan,

I’m having problem when SonarQube read authors as lower cases. For example, it reads my issue as vo, toan not Vo, Toan; therefore, it failed to auto assign issue.

Is there anything that you know can fix this issue?

Thank you

If I’m not mistaken you can go to your profile (in sonar) and add as many SCM accounts as you want so the matching works.

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indeed, I did not see this was not an “official” sonar qube site.

Yeah, that would solved the problem; however, you have to add SCM accounts for multiple users which is a pain in the neck :frowning: