Maintenance of sonar-scm-jazzrtc plugin


We are using the SCM plugin for Jazz RTC. Unfortunately, it seems this plugin is not maintained by SonarSource anymore. I would like to update it to make it compatible with recent Sonar versions.

How can we proceed? I have created a branch (no PR yet):

Would there be someone to merge this. If not, could you appoint me as maintainer of sonar-scm-jazzrtc. I would be happy to maintain it.

Thank you!


Hi @troosan!

What’s your github id?


The same, easy :wink:

Okay! I’ve put the wheels in motion on my side. You should hear something soon.


Hi @troosan

You need to remove your fork repository for me to make the transfer

let me know when it done


done, fork has been deleted

You need to remove the repository


Hi @troosan,

For context, we’re not giving you rights on the repo; we’re giving you the repo.


Whaw, that’s more than I bargained for :wink:

My fork has been deleted now.

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The repo is now your own!


Hi @troosan ,

Have you been able to make much progress with this plugin?

I saw your comments on
but I cannot find any reference to SNAPSHOT-1.3,
and as a consequence of this thread your fork has also been removed.


Indeed, it seems the conversation has disappeared.
I just committed a branch with update to the latest LTS version (7.9)
Please have a look, if you have any comments, please give your feedback. I will test it a bit and merge it to master if all is OK

Hello @troosan,

When can we anticipate you to release SCM plugin for Jazz RTC, which is compatible with SonarQube version 7.9?


I have been running the snapshot version for a month now and so far I have had no issues so I guess it’s working fine. I’ll release it in the next few days.

How do you integrate the plugin with SonarQube? I’ve been looking for some instructions but could not find any. Does it involve RTC CLI?

Indeed, you need to have the RTC CLI available for the plugin to work.

Thanks for the quick response