[NEW RELEASE] Clover plugin 4.0

Description: This new version brings compatibility with newer versions of SonarQube.

Compatibility: It have been tested on version 6.7+



Two things. First, I see that you currently pass your quality gate, but it looks like that’s just because the new code aged-out of the leak period, and before that happened you would have failed for having 0% coverage? At the same time, I see that you do have test files in your project. Is something preventing you from feeding the coverage reports into analysis?

Second, as described in the docs, I need a PR for this on https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-update-center-properties



We had to rewrite a part of the build pipeline in order to build the project without https://github.com/SonarSource/travis-utils cause we’re not part of SonarSource and it has been difficult to find out some documentation for this tool, also it were simpler to create a brand new pipeline.
Writing this new pipeline, I thought that it was a bit confusing to have a plugin that’s help to push coverage data in SonarQube that have to use another coverage tools like jacoco :stuck_out_tongue:

Despite of this, I can easily understand that to be referenced in the market place, we have to follow some standards so if you think that’s it could be mandatory or just a nice to have thing, I can had the jacoco support in this repository build. Just let me know

You can find the PR in sonar-uprage-center-properties here : https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-update-center-properties/pull/42 It was included in the first message (I were also confuse by the display format of the message :smile: )


Hi Tony,

Okay, yeah. It makes sense now why you’re not reporting coverage to SonarCloud. :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately, I think I do need to ask you to use JaCoCo for your SC analysis. :neutral_face:

Sorry I missed the link to your PR initially. Honestly the “one box” feature made it look like an ad and a little selective blindness kicked in. :joy:

I’ve reviewed the PR and requested some changes.


Hi Ann,

I’ve updated the project to include the coverage report. Should I publish a new version ? I mean the plugin code base is the same, but the commit used to publish the version is not the one that contains the coverage analysis in SonarCloud. Even if I’ve only updated the pipeline to check the coverage report, I’m not really comfortable with this situation

Also, I’ve updated the PR in sonar-update-center-properties to include the requested changes.