SonarQube LTS Community edition support for Clover plugin

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We are using SonarQube 6.7.3 Community edition. We like to upgrade to the LTS version (7.9). I have a few questions here

  • Will the LTS(7.9) community edition support Clover plugin ?

  • If not, will the clover plugin be supported in the licensed version of SonarQube ?. Kindly shed some light on this.

Hello @Steny,

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Well, we can’t answer this question. The Clover plugin is a community plugin and we don’t test them for compatibility with new SonarQube versions. There are too any community plugins out there and anyhow, we believe it is the responsibility of the plugin maintainer to verify and ensure compatibility. You should ask that question to the clover plugin developers.

No. Yet we offer a new mechanism to import coverage from any tool called “Generic coverage import” that should allow you to import your clover coverage in SonarQube. See
That will however require your to convert the clover report into the SonarQube generic report format. By experience this is not very difficult since coverage is always the same kind of information - A collection of (File, Line, Covered/Not Covered) triplets to simplify a bit.

With this solution you would have a future proof solution, leveraging a SonarQube maintained feature, and without any dependency on 3rd party software components.

Given that Atlassian has discontinued clover, at least you should consider moving to OpenClover, maybe you already did.