New issues not asigned to SVN committer (visible on the Sonar view of the file)


Hello everybody,
i’ve some problem with the autoassignment of the new issues to the svn committer.

  • Community Edition Version 10.1 (build 73245)
  • AWS Bitnami configuration (Linux Debian wihtout docker)
  • Login through LDAP

The launch of the analysis is made through the maven plugin:

call mvn sonar:sonar  -Dsonar.projectName=xxxxx -Dsonar.projectKey=xxxxx -Dsonar.token=xxxxxx -Dsonar.svn.username=xxxxx -Dsonar.svn.password.secured=xxxx -Dsonar.sourceEncoding=UTF-8 -Dsvnkit.http.spoolDirectory=../spool

I’ve created a test class with some Sonar issues to test and as a result I’m able to see the issues in the new code section but the issues have no assignee (an example on the image):


If I look at the suorce code of the file I see the correct blame information (the hidden name is correct):

The name showed is the login name of the svn account. The email address of the LDAP account is the same of the one of the SVN user.
In the sonar database table “users” i see in the column “login” a login in the format “name-surname-1234” (which is not the SVN login) and I see in the columns “external login” and “external_id” the value in the format “j.sparrow” (first letter of the name “.” and the surname) which is the SVN login.

In the previous versione of Sonar I’ve been using (9.xx) it worked well and at memory the configuration was equal.

Any possible idea on how to find some hints on the problem ? In the logs there not seems to be anything related. And everything seems to be working fine.



Are you saying that the email address stored for this user in LDAP (and thus, I guess SonarQube) is the same as the email address stored for this user in SVN? If so… well SonarQube can’t see into SVN.

I believe that when the SCM login is a substring of the user email address, e.g.
email address in SonarQube:

then the association will be made automatically. Otherwise, you probably need to edit your user’s record in SonarQube to associate the SVN login: Administration → Security → Users → [user row cog menu] → Update details


Thanks for the answer: I’ve done how suggested and it’s working.
For the moment, due to the number of users, I’ve directly added rows on the DB table with the SCM user mapping and it seems to be working well.

The strange thing is that with the version 9 of Sonar Qube it worked well.

Just to add some more context:
for a user called Mario Rossi the ldap userid is m.rossi and the mail is m.rossi is also the svn user.

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