New sonar installation, LDAP, problem with issue assignment until user logs in

I setup SonarQube server 6.7.6. It’s a fresh installation with LDAP authentication configured.
New users are added when they log on. Until then there are no automatic assignment (no users) and it’s logical.

When a user logs in, new account is created. Let’s assume this user has issues reported in sonar (as author). Then when a project is scanned there’s no guarantee that the issues will be assigned to this user (author). In my opinion it’s because incremental scan. If there are no changes in the file, it is not scanned and appropriate user is not assigned. When I recreate and re-scan a project (force a full scan) there are appropriate assignments.
Is my suspicion correct ?
Can I force project full scan every time without deleting it and recreating ?

I can create all accounts but then I need to set some arbitrary password and users cannot log in using LDAP.
Maybe there’s a way to add an account without specifying a password, thus allowing correct assignment and preserving ldap authentication for users.

If there’s no way I probably will have to sent an email ans ask all to log in prior to project creation :frowning:

Resolved, ldap users can be provisioned via REST api.

Hi Andrei,

Thanks for sharing the solution of your issue.

For the record, they way to provision users for LDAP is to use api/users/create?local=false

Julien Lancelot