New code metrics are not displayed in Activity Tab


We would like to check some parameters for New codes in Activity tab. But these parameters are displayed for overall code. I think there is a mistake. For example you see Code Smells 991 in new code. But this is not for new codes. This is for overall codes. We want to check metrics only for new codes, not overall codes( old codes) I have attached below screenshots. Could you please make a development for this issue?
Kind regards,

Hi @Mehmet_Inan,

The activity page displays the evolution of project measures over time. Here, the measure you are looking is “issues”, thus the total number of issues on the project. The yellow background simply explains that this part of the history corresponds to the New Code definition, and if your project would have more history, you would notice that the New Code is only the most recent part of the graph.

If you are interested in tracking only the number of issues on New Code, can you please tell me more about your use case?


Hi Levis,

But the graph doesnt show new code activity. It shows us only total activities. I have explained it with a sample “issue” activity.


I would like to see new code metric graphes in activity tab. If you check graphes metric results, the graph shows only overall metric results. Could you please assisr to me?