New code parameters are not displayed in Activity Tab


We would like to check some parameters for New codes in Activity tab. But these parameters are displayed for overall code. I think there is a mistake. For example you see Code Smells 991 in new code. But this is not for new codes. This is for overall codes. How can we check these parameters in new code?

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Hey there.

As historical measures for New Code are not kept, only overall figures will appear on the Activity tab.

I’m not sure I fully agree with this logic – and the fact that we center Overall Code on the Activity tab doesn’t align with our Clean as You Code philosophy (which should center New Code). You’re welcome to Suggest New Features and describe how you would use these New Code measures.

Hi Colin,

Thank you for quick answer. According to my understanding, we can not check these sonarqube metrics for new codes on the graphs.
I have created a new post in Suggest New Features section.

I hope it is developed ASAP.

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