New Analysis Parameter


I’m writing to suggest that in a next version of sonarqube, you offer an extra analysis parameter, that disables or enables (the default could be enable) the final step of execution of sonarqube, specifically, when sonarqube pushes the results to the server to be presented as a report.

I’m asking these as the company I work for has now other needs, and want to be able to apply sonarqube to a new tool designed by us, to evaluate commits from all developers of a project and extract metrics from the sonarqube analysis, that throughout the time will give us more information. I notice that with the end of the analysis, the sonarqube scanner writes down the results to a given directory, and sonarqube just reads them from there and interpret to a report structure, that then pushes to the server. But, as we already have the results locally, we don’t need the publishing the report phase, as this would carry unnecessary overhead. And that’s why we want this new feature.

It is a small change that would allow your product to be applied to even more cases.



From what you are describing, you no longer want to benefit from the Clean as You Code methodology and associated Quality Gate. You just want to get the raw results from Sonar on all files.
I’m afraid that we won’t provide such a parameter.