How to run sonar scanner which publishing report to sonarQube


Currently I’m using sonar scanner to analyze my C project present locally and publish the report to SonarQube server, is there any way to do all the analysis without publishing the report to SonarQube dashboard

Hey there.

There is not. What exactly are you trying to achieve (why don’t you want the results published?)


I want sonar scanner to analyse my project completely and that results will be there in .scanner directory locally. Where I can find list of issues using .pb files. So I wanted to disable the POST analysis part of sonar scanner

I want to identify all the code issues of my project but without publishing it, I tried sonarlint also but it has limitations of rules set


I think this is the real question to help understand your use-case – why don’t you want to publish it?

I want to resolve the issue locally first and then upload the code to server

In these cases we would reccomend using SonarLint and – if that’s not enough – the Developer Edition of SonarQube (or higher) that includes branch analysis, allowing you to analyze your changes before merging them into your main branch.

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