Perform an analyse without push result on SonarQube Server

On a gitlab job, I want to perform a analyse without push the result on the SonarQube server.
The goal is to have only the result in local to do comparaison with my actual analyse on SonarQube server.

I wanted to know if it’s possible to not push those result.

I use maven sonar analyse with a 8.5.1 SonarQube version.

Hi @aehanno,

I don’t believe this is possible since each analysis requires connection to a SonarQube server: you won’t be able to see the analysis unless it’s uploaded to SonarQube. One goal of using SonarQube is to utilize the UI to understand your analysis.

Is this how you want to analyze?

  1. Sonar analysis 1 finish, upload to SonarQube
  2. Sonar analysis 2 finish, don’t upload to SonarQube (you can just kill the analysis manaully right before it finishes if you want to stop it (e.g. stop build))
  3. Compare Sonar analysis 2 to Sonar analysis 1

How do you compare that? With just the logs of Sonar analysis 2 to the logs of Sonar analysis 1?