Mysql-migrator Urgent Help needed

I am using version 7.8 i wanted to Mysql to Psql 7.8 and then upgrade. I was trying /mysql-migrator i am keep getting FATEL error need urgent help to fix this.

./mysql-migrator -source /opt/sonarqube-7.8/conf/ -target /opt/sonarqube-7.8_old/conf/

Could not determine SonarQube version of the target database. Could not select version from schema_migrations. ERROR: relation “schema_migrations” does not exist
Position: 21

Hi, did you complete the step 2 of the guide?

I am confused with 2nd Step. I did follow this.

Current version 7.8 copy enter folder to 7.8_old and changed 7.8_old/conf/


prior to this i created sonardb database in postgres

I stopped sonar services before running migrator command. Is i am missing something?

Is your schema on Postgresql correctly created? Do you see any table in your sonardb database?