Error when I try to upgrate from 6.5 (mysql) to 6.6 (postgresql)

I want to update the sonarqube-6.5 version to the latest version, the database is currently in MySQL 5.7 and I want to migrate to PostgreSQL.

As a first step I will upgrade to sonarqube 6.6 version with PostgreSQL, I create a new database and populate with version 6.5. Then when executing the script

mysql-migrator -source /path/to/6.5/ -target /path/to/6.6/

It shows me the following error

Unknown schema version; cannot match to a SonarQube release: 1734

I am doing something wrong? am I missing a previous step?

The mysql-migrator has a minimum version requirement of v6.7


  • SonarQube version 6.7LTS to 7.8
    Note: Your source and target databases must be using the same version of SonarQube.

Thanks for the quick reply @Colin_SonarSource

You are absolutely right with the prerequisite, so I should try updating the sonarqube version from 6.5 to 6.7 and then migrating the database to postgresql?

Makes sense?

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That’s exactly what you should do! :slight_smile: