Mysql-migrator error -> Versions in source and target database don't match: 1838 != 2804


I am trying to upgrade from 6.7.2 LTS to 7.9.1 LTS.

I have downloaded the mysql-migrator (version and receive the following error when running.

$ ./mysql-migrator -source /sonarqube/ILP/sonarqube-6.7.2/conf/ -target /sonarqube/ILP/sonarqube-7.9.1/conf/
Versions in source and target database don’t match: 1838 != 2804

Please advise how I can migrate my data from mysql 5.7 into postgres 10.


The target database needs to be populated with the same schema as the source database (an empty 6.7 database, looks like you’ve got 7.9)

You’ll need to take the migration/upgrade in two steps — first migrate the database, and then upgrade

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Thanks Colin
I needed to reconfigure 6.7.2 to point to the new postgres db, stop/start SQ after I did that, the migrator worked.

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