My company has a paid plan - how can I open a ticket with SonarSource Commercial Support?


My company has a paid plan for SonarCloud. We are using Azure DevOps. We wish to submit a ticket to SonarSource Commercial Support. When clicking the link on this page, we are redirected to this page:

After creating an Atlassian account, we cannot log in here.

Hello @danieljosephh,

The SonarCloud standard support channel is the community, even for paid plans. Having a paid SonarCloud subscription does not grant access to SonarSource commercial support which is essentially for SonarQube customers who purchased a support service on top, taken aside a few exceptions.
If you are certain that your company is part of those exceptions, you should have received all the details from SonarSource (a URL to access commercial support and some credentials). If you lost these details you should connect to your SonarSource Account Mgr.


@OlivierK @Colin_SonarSource

Thank you both, this makes much more sense now.