My build isn't getting updates

Dear support,

Please check my build.

It is not getting updates for now.

Sincerely, Valentyn

Hi Valentyn,

looking at the “Background Tasks” admin page of your project, it seems that most analyses are running just fine. However, you can see that only a couple of them intermittently failed with the given error message:

Date of analysis cannot be older than the date of the last known analysis on this project. Value: “2018-10-03T10:51:41+0200”. Latest analysis: “2018-10-03T10:51:48+0200”. It’s only possible to rebuild the past in a chronological order.

I’d say that this happens because analyses are triggered too frequently in a very little period of time. I see that you build with TravisCI, so I’d say that from time to time, you push too frequently.

Hi Fabrice,

Thank you for update.

I have 5 builds in travis and all of them sends update to cloudsonar.

Please help me to activate only one build.

Kind regards, Valentyn


I’m no Travis CI expert, so I can’t help much on this. What you can do is to check what JVM is installed prior to the execution of the sonar-scanner, and run it only when it’s oraclejdk8 for instance.

BTW, please remove your token that you pass through the CLI: it is publicly available so anybody can steal it. I suggest you to not only remove it from your Travis YML file, but also to delete it in SonarCloud. To pass it in a safe way, please read the documentation of our Travis Addon: