Multiple SonarQube instances

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I’m wondering about the benefits of having a single 500K SonarQube instance vs. multiple 100K instances.

I want to get SonarCloud Developer edition. We have several separate private Github projects running, and their LOC, summed up, are probably high enough for us to require the 250K or 500K pricing tier. But the difference in pricing between the 100K and the 250K tier makes me ask if we can instead request several 100K instances.

So, can I use 2+ different SonarQube Developer 100K instances if I don’t want or need any connection between them? Could I have for example some projects running in SonarCloud and others in SonarQube developer, both with the 100K tiers? Is there any limitation or disadvantage I’m not aware of?

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Hi @ruluk,

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To answer your question “quickly”, there is no constraint or limitation to set up different SQ servers or SC subscription.

Now, few more information that you may want to take into account in your decision:

  • if you multiply the number of SQ servers, you will have to set up different machines, configure all the SQ with your CI toolchain, maintain all these servers, upgrade them on a regular basis, to follow the upgrades of SQ and benefits from new versions (features, rules…)

  • the good practice when using SQ is to have a common SQ server for the entire company, so you’ll have the same way to manage code quality and security among your teams, and you’ll set up the same expectations, to meet QA and security targets.

  • if you use a commercial edition of SonarQube (or SonarCloud), the amount of LOC counted will be the sum of the largest branch of each project. You may check where you stand, if you are below 100, 250 or 500K LOC at a global scale.

We clearly recommend (on a technical point of view) to set up a unique SonarQube to maximise the impact of our tools and minimise the time and cost for maintenance, upgrade and hardware.

If you want more details, reach out to us via the form here for Developer Edition:


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Thanks for the info @Carine_Bayon
I wonder what if I ran multiple instance with different version numbers?
Like 2 servers running SQ 8.9.2 and 2 servers running 9.0.1, does SonarSource care version info?
Or “line of code” is the only important variable from licensing perspective?


HI @mali11011

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I would recommend to open a new thread here :wink:

To answer your point: the only thing we need to invoice you is the threshold of lines of code you would need for the license.
If you buy a license, you will be able to access to all versions available at that time (currently for example 8.9 LTS and 9.0).
The choice of being on LTS or latest is up to you, and you should really follow the pace here (being on the LTS or being always on the latest version, to be on a supported version).

Why would you have different servers running different versions of SonarQube?
I think your use case would need to dig more into details with a rep, you should contact us on our contact form (or trial form).