Quick question on definition of "instance"

Brand new to SonarQube here. Just wanting to double check on a basic SonarQube concept which makes a big difference in cost.

In a scenario with 10 developers as well as a build server all running the scanner and sonarLint, probably using Developer edition, is the definition of an “instance”:

  • Each workstation using SonarQube qualifies as a separate “instance” ? Meaning we pay for multiple instances - 1 per workstation using the scanner.
  • There is only a single server install (instance) in this scenario, and each developer workstation is mapped to that instance to complete scans? Meaning we pay for only 1 instance.


Welcome to the community!

The server is the “instance”, so in your scenario, you only pay for one instance.

That said, your developers really shouldn’t be doing the analysis themselves; your CI system should handle that post-commit. They’ll still be using SonarLint, which is free and which should catch most stuff for them*.


*Some security rules don’t run in SonarLint yet