If I have two instances of SonarQube Developer Edition I have to pay double?

Hello there!

I was checking the pricing of SonarQube Developer Edition (Request Free Trial | SonarQube Developer Edition | SonarQube) and I was wondering if I will have to pay twice (base 150$ * 2 instances = 300$ total) having two different servers using SonarQube (two instances) or I if can use the same license in multiple servers and paying one license only

Thanks in advance!


Licenses are per-server, so you would have two bills to pay. (Okay, we’d obviously consolidate it to one set of paperwork, but you know what I’m saying.) However, it’s billed by Lines of Code under analysis on the server, so unless you analyze the same project on both servers, you’re not paying for anything twice - other than the Ops cost of maintaining two instances.


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