Sonar Licensing for Duplicate Sonar Projects on same Code Repository

We are working on a strategy that will have 3 sonar projects for each code repository. While all 3 Sonar projects will have same code in them but we are planning on using each Sonar Project for different use cases like one Sonar peojct for Unit Tests, and the other two for Integration Tests and Aggregated tests each.

Currently, we are onto Developer version of SonarQube and that is charged based on no.of lines of code. Here the same code is being duplicated in 2 other Sonar projects

Now the question is, if we create multiple Sonar Projects for each repo, then how does it is priced ?
Does SonarQube charges based on no. of lines in each Sonar Project or based on the repo that all projects connected to.

Why? What benefit does it bring to do this?