Number of contributers of 1 license

Hi, I’m interested in the sonarqube developer edition. But there are still some open questions before the purchase. Since I’m very new to code scanning tools, here are my questions:

  • We are working on a project that consists of several microservices. Each microservice have their own git repository. Can I scan multiple repositories with one sonarqube instance?
  • How many contributors can be added to a sonarqube instance?
  • Does Sonarqube also check the license of third party dependencies?
  • Can all team members see the scan reports?

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to the community!

Yes, absolutely. Each repository will be treated as a “project” in SonarQube.

There are no limits on this. You can have as many committers to a project and as many users in SonarQube as you need. We believe every project stakeholder should be able to see the analysis results.

It does not. I believe there are some 3rd-party plugins that do, but you should be aware that you use 3rd-party plugins at your own risk.

Yup! Team members, managers (okay, that may not be a good thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), business partners &etc. It’s only a question of who you give permissions to.