Multi-tenant SaaS design

I’ve read through the privacy & security statements in the SonarCloud’s documentation but I was wondering if there was any more information on the multi-tenant SaaS patterns used for SonarCloud?

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The information provided is… the information provided. What information are you missing?

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I’m looking for more information on how tenant data separation is maintained in SonarCloud. Specifically, what tenancy model SonarCloud is using? Here’s an example document of what I’m referring to: Multi-tenant SaaS patterns - Azure SQL Database | Microsoft Docs
Apologies if this is covered somewhere. Thanks!

Thanks for the clarification. SonarCloud is a multi-tenant app with a single multi-tenant database, where data privacy is ensured at the application level.

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This answers my question. Thank you for your quick response!

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I was talking to a colleague of mine and we had a few follow up questions to this if you could help us. We’re also wondering if there is a per tenant application instance or if all tenants log into a single application instance? Also, is there a single database with per row tenant labeling or is SonarCloud using some form of per tenant databases or even sharding? Thank you!

Single application instance, single database.

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