Is Multi-tenancy supported

I’m planning to setup multiple instances of Sonarqube 7,5 Community Edition with Oracle database servers. We are discussing whether or not we can use 1 Oracle database with a schema for each instance.

I need to know if Sonarqube supports the multi-tenancy feature for Oracle databases?

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  • what are you trying to achieve
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The docs address this in the “Oracle” section.

Out of curiosity, why do you want to run multiple instances?


Hi Ann,
Thanks for your response. The reason being is that I work for a very large corporation that is doing a large implementation of Sonarqube Community Edition while we work out terms for licensing.


Thanks for answering.

Unless you have organizational reasons for keeping people in separate instances, you should consider just using one large instance. Community Edition will support that, and there’s no LOC limit on it. Also, in case you do go forward with the multi-instance route, Enterprise Edition($) includes project import/export to allow you to unify your instances later if you choose.


Hi Ann,
I ran the information in the Sonarqube docs past my DB team and that wasn’t enough clarification for them. Would it be possible to find out for certain if Multi tenancy in Oracle databases is supported by Sonarqube Community edition? I also would like to know if it’s supported in the Data Center edition as well.

Thanks a lot for your help. Sorry to be a pain. They’re really holding my feet to the fire on having an explicit answer.


It’s not explicitly supported / unsupported, but if you choose to have multiple SonarQube schemas on the same database instance you have to follow the warnings in the Docs linked by Ann.


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In addition to @Colin_SonarSource’s excellent answer I want to clarify one thing. Data Center Edition($) offers redundancy. It does not support multiple database schemas.


Thanks for your response Colin. I understand the part about the multiple schemas. To clarify, my DBA’s are asking if Sonarqube Community Edition will support connecting to an Oracle 12c database using an Oracle Service Name instead of an Oracle SID (the database is a pluggable database that resides in a container database and only supports connecting with Oracle Service Names)

Hi. It works, I’ve just tested here.

I have the Oracle XE 18c (which also use PDBs) and I’ve set this properties on


And it worked!

Thanks Everyone,

We are going to now use the Data Center edition of SonarQube. I want to confirm the following before letting the DBAs know:
- Will the Data Center edition support Multi-tenancy in an Oracle database (as described in the above thread)? I want to confirm this is the same for both.
- It will not support multiple schemas (as stated above).


The answers are the same regardless of edition. :slight_smile: