Model price of SonarLint/SonarQube/SonarCloud for enterprise


I’m interested in the model price of SonarLint/SonarQube/SonarCloud for enterprise with all possible options and for long-term support.

Could you provide a details information about that?

Thank you so much!

Hello, thanks for your question.

SonarLint is free and open source.

You will find the pricing details about SonarCloud and the commercial editions of SonarQube on the dedicated page :money_with_wings:.

Hi Jean-Baptiste,

Thank you for your reply, it’s quite clear for me.

Just a quick question, about the privacy and protection for our code base:

  1. If we use SonarCloud for our private code base, the SonarCloud report and database also be private and will be managed by our users?
  2. If we use the SonarQube, what is the best long-term service we could expect from you, for example, 5 years subscription? And is that possible if we want to migrate our database from Coverity to SonarQube?

Thank you so much!

Hey :wave: thanks for the additional questions.

For SonarCloud, yes only the members of an organization will see the private projects owned by that organization, and the organization administrator(s) are responsible for the configuration of permissions - if you are using private git repositories with GitHub or any similar cloud service, this should sound familiar.

For SonarQube, at this point I believe you should engage with one of our sales representatives (e.g using the “Start Free Trial” button from the above link): I trust them to refine with you what would be the best options for your organization :slight_smile: .

Hi Jean-Baptiste,

Thank you so much for your reply, I also looked into the topic: SonarCloud vs SonarQube about the SonarCloud vs SonarQube

Is there any update about that topic to the latest for now for the choice between SonarCloud vs SonarQube.

Since our organization also has under 1000 developers, growth is around 10%/years for developers. We’re relying on for now and we’re a global company so our developers are located in several places over the world.

What could be the best suggestion for us? and I saw there is a mention that SonarCloud is suitable for under 1000 developers.

And SonarQube, I think we also need to plan for on-premise the cloud server to install the SonarQube and license for the Database server to be used by SonarQube and storage as well, not only the price for SonarQube only, is that correct?

Thank you for your help and support!


I believe that most of the points mentioned by Clint in this blog post are still relevant to this day.

At a glance, I would summarize it as:

  • SonarCloud :sonarcloud:
    • is always up to date, hosted by us, cloud native
    • does not allow the use of plugins
  • SonarQube :sonarqube:
    • has a more involved setup (yes, including provisioning the hosting infrastructure and database)
    • offers more control over the available features
    • unlocks access to enterprise reporting (EE) and scalability (DCE), if needed