Difference between various Sonar Source offerings

Hello SS Community,

I can see lot of cost difference between various offerings:

  1. Sonar Qube, which is in premise offering has much costlier subscription options compared to Sonar Cloud, why is it so ? Is it because we are sending out code / repository to a hosted service, which can analyse a repository. Also Sonar Qube have much more integration options like build tools, CI / CD.

  2. Does Sonar Cloud also offers code analysis for all the languages like Sonar Qube ?

  3. Does Sonar Lint also needs a subscription, or it can be integrated with the editor without any subscription plan ?



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Hello @mrinalkamboj

First, welcome to the community !

  1. SonarQube and SonarCloud are two real different separate products :slight_smile: The question you should ask internally is what tools do you use? Are you a cloud-based company, using for example Bitbucket Cloud, Azure DevOps Cloud or Github Cloud or do you have everything in your CICD toolchain on-prem? The answer to that question will lead you to the correct product, related to your org.
    (I give you a hint: SonarCloud - Cloud / SonarQube - on prem)

  2. on that one, you could have found the answer by yourself, available on the SonarCloud website, under " SonarCloud speaks your language"
    SonarCloud offers static analysis for 24 languages, with rules on code smells, bugs, vulnerabilities and Security Hotspots.

  3. SonarLint is a free extension of your IDE, compatible with 4 different IDE listed on the website.

In case you need more explanation or/and want to try one product, feel free to reach out to us via the website here, selecting the edition you would like to test according to your needs, languages etc…