Sonarqube vs ndepend

Hi Guys ,

Can you please explain how SonarQube is better option for Static Code Analysis than NDepend.
This is the main entrance point that will help me to convince my team to use this.

PS: We are mostly using C# and C++


Hi @Waseem_Bukhari,

I would invite you to browse our products pages for full set of features and to simply try our products to get a feeling of their potential. Here are some of the key features which may make your choice:

  • Support for 25+ languages, ndepend is for C# only. With SonarQube you have a single product for your entire codebase
  • We aim at providing the best code analyzers, expecially for our top languages like C++, C#, … We are investing a lot on them
  • We aim at providing excellent integration with build/CI/ALM tools, PR analysis and integrate on the entire application development
  • Security analysis and reports for some of our languages, more to come
  • You have SonarLint for the IDE to help developers catch flaws during coding
  • Depending on your needs you can choose between SonarQube on premise or to use SonarCloud and forget about hosting it. SonarCloud offers free analysis for all languages for public projects

Feel free to have a look at our pages: